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Recruitment Mojo

We recognize the difference between a job seeker and a motivated contributor who will improve company performance. We’ve spent the last 22 years refining our process, teamwork, tools and technology to help you attract and hire for engageability, beyond just skills.

Track Record of Results

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To maximize success, we intentionally do not specialize in specific industries. That allows us to directly source from as many of your competitors as possible, accessing the deepest talent pool on your behalf. Also, your recruitment strategy will benefit from our crossover knowledge that can only come from working across industries and geographies, bringing fresh ideas to filling even the most difficult roles.

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Great Applicant Experience

Enhance your employer brand by sharing your culture with highly engageable candidates during the recruitment process. Our senior, U.S. based recruiters proactively engage candidates from the very first point of contact.

Great Hiring Manager experience

Feel comfortable knowing your Hiring Managers are in good hands. Our average satisfaction score from Hiring Managers consistently hovers between 94% and 96% over the most recent 1,000 “project complete” surveys. This remarkable achievement is thanks to the expert, professional service and communication delivered by our senior recruiters, combined with the transparency provided by our information-sharing platform.

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Synergistic Team Approach

Synergistic Team Approach

While a dedicated recruiter is your key point of contact; you also have a team of experts in candidate sourcing, marketing, recruitment media, QA, project management and client services supporting that recruiter on every project. This magnifies both the efficiency and effectiveness of our efforts on your behalf, because each team member is doing what he/she does best and most loves to do.

Six Sigma Process

In recruiting, you either design what you want or deal with what you get. Our Six Sigma inspired process wrapped in our unique decision support tools and technology produce the quality results you want with maximum efficiency and consistency.

Six Sigma Process
Transparency / Integrated Technology

Transparency / Integrated Technology

If you want to know the exact status of every open position and every candidate at any time, Recruiting Machine™ (RM), our proprietary recruiting productivity platform, might become your best friend. RM can work along side of your ATS and export candidate data to your ATS if desired. Or, you can utilize RM as your own internal ATS.


End to end full service recruiting, competitive intelligence, candidate sourcing and screening, name generation, candidate pipelining – you can mix and match our service levels as appropriate for different positions or hiring scenarios. Hire us for one position, or hundreds, with no long-term contract required..

6% of salary

Phenomenal Value

Our passion is delivering premium recruitment services at an affordable cost to fit almost any budget (typically 5-10% of salary).

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